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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Posted a lot of photos from thailand. Sorry they are so out of order and random, I have over 1000 too choose from combining everyones on the trip. Thailand was absolutely amazing! Highly reccommended for a visit. Off to Shanghai this weekend and then home to Chicago on Wednesday. Madison after that before out to Seattle.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunset on phuket Posted by Picasa

White sand beach Posted by Picasa

Sea kayaking in the south Posted by Picasa

The village guys play teekraw, one of the coolest sports ever. Its like volleyball, but you can't use your hands Posted by Picasa

Windmill kick Posted by Picasa

Trying to play teekraw Posted by Picasa

At the finishing celebration Posted by Picasa

One of the cutest kids ever with her father, the hilltribe leader Posted by Picasa

Little recyclers Posted by Picasa

Meal time, plus Lindsay from the Peace Corps Posted by Picasa

Some onlookers at the waterfall Posted by Picasa

Cleaning off in the waterfall massage Posted by Picasa

The entire EWB-UW team taking a break at the waterfall - Greg, Alissa, Nate (boy Bosscher), Joanne, Megan, Bobby, Prof Peter Bosscher Posted by Picasa

The ladies doing a great job putting up the walls of the pooper while the teachers look on Posted by Picasa

Sludging the pit to get the tank back in Posted by Picasa

Disaster strikes the night monsoon rains cause our tank to lift up and tear apart the piping Posted by Picasa

The school bus Posted by Picasa

From inside the zoo Posted by Picasa

Trying to play teeter totter with the kids Posted by Picasa

Home Depot sponsored EWB by giving us tool belts.  Posted by Picasa

The story of the week, me covered in mud Posted by Picasa

Our friend, hand sanitizer Posted by Picasa

Cute kids Posted by Picasa

The pooper system Posted by Picasa

Roadside stand with good banana chips Posted by Picasa