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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Buoy Bike

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Seattle Bike Tour - to Discovery Park

World's largest

Hempfest takes over the bike path

Lake Washington and Sammammish Bike Loop

Red Hook Brewery Tour

I90 Bridge

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Engineers Without Borders - UW - Bolivia

Feliciano, Jonathan, Augustino, and Don German putting on the last piece of metal roofing

Moe's Grill in Cochabamba

Looking down at a section of the village - many shiny new roofs!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bolivia - La Paz

One day to spend in La Paz - mostly spent catching up on food consumption of the variety other than soup or oatmeal - not that we didnt eat well in Yanayo - it just lacked diversity

The poor people live with the best views of La Paz where its steeper and the air is thinner. The airport is on the top of the altiplano in the distance, 1000 feet above downtown.

A mountain view in the distance

Cochabamba fried chicken

Our send off for four people

The fiesta send off

Me saying goodbye to the powdered milk NIDO that made my oatmeal taste so great!

The kids

Garbage pickup race

Schoolteacher Don Quito

Week Two

The metal water tank we are working are installing irrigation lines to the fields from.

Fresh bread arrives made in adobe stoves!

Nightly entertainment - poker with nails. Also read lots of books and saw the best display of stars I've ever seen
Warming up for a football match at 9,000 feet - above FIFA's legal limit! - but we proved that altitude doesn't matter, The sea-level Seattlites beat Yanayo 2-1 in the first game, but Yanayo evened it up with a 3-2 win the next day!

More work

Stuccoed over after a long day

Jonathan looking at an old kitchen stove

The smokiness was amazing - this is why we are building new stoves

A baby goat - unfortunately its mother had no milk so it was left to die this occurred often while we were there - resulting in alot of drying goat meat hanging outside

Work begins

Reuben and I working hard on his roof

Adobe bricks drying

Jonathan and Don German laying down the stucco for a new roof

Donee and Aaron taking a lemonade break from building a new stove

Laying down stucco on straw - if I fail as an engineer, I think I can get a job as a roofer on mud houses in South America

Jonathan at work crafting the seat for our composting toilet. Carefully designed for splatter control. This task was made incredibly difficult by the use of hardwoods from the Bolivia- requiring nails to be vaselined to get them through the wood.

Arrival in Yanayo

Supplies arrive in Yanayo

Our welcome in Yanayo, the mayor is in the foreground

Camping in the schoolyard for two weeks

What we ate for two meals a day - soup! Quinua, potato, tomato, carrot, onion, garlic and lots of oil! Breakfast was watery oatmeal.

Sunrise over the mountains

From Cochabamba to Yanayo

5.5 hour drive to Yanayo from Cochabamba

Cheap natural gas

The traffic along the way

Bolivia - Cochabamba

Gathering supplies in Cochabamba with Jonathan and Stocky

A perfect weld on the stove chimney

Lunch in Cochabamba with Robyn and Stocky

Spreading around the enormous sums of dough for supplies

View of Cochabamba