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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring! Posted by Picasa

Boating on Lake Behai Posted by Picasa

Connor and my favorite Itali-Cantoneseian, Gabriela Sanzineriellian (sp?) Posted by Picasa

Biking is even more fun when you are trying to take a picture at the same time Posted by Picasa

Beijing Olympics 2008 site Posted by Picasa

Actually going the right direction through rush hour traffic Posted by Picasa


Well I don't actually write many entries here, and for good reason because then I would have to write quick and witty ancedotes or be contemplative and share my inner feelings with the world wide web...but in honor of being in China for so long, I decided to write a long run-on sentence.
some really quick rants.
why does everything here have to be so Asian? Enough is enough already.
why did I only bring 3 razors to a country that doesn't have facial hair?
why do taxi drivers have to universially suck?
why is there such a disregard for human life here? I mean fake dvds are one thing, but fake alcohol made from methanol and a little formaldahyde added in for flavor. Greed wins again.
why is MSG a staple in Chinese cooking? oh yeah see above
why do french people insist on chain-smoking constantly? I guess it doesnt matter since the stuff coming out of my nose is already black from the pollution, I'm screwed either way.

everything else

why is sarcasm only relevant in english? anyone know the underlying reason?

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Great Wall at Mutianyu

Almost to the top Posted by Picasa

The Great Wall at Mutianyu Posted by Picasa

Making China my toilet Posted by Picasa

More Great Wall Posted by Picasa

The mystical landscape Posted by Picasa

Climbing down Posted by Picasa

The quick way down! Posted by Picasa

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In "Bed" for Connor's 22nd Posted by Picasa

At Bed for Connor's bday Posted by Picasa

Dinner for Connor's bday Posted by Picasa

View of hutong from on top of Nuage Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 18, 2006

This is a little out of place but I figured it deserves web time, credit to my bro Posted by Picasa

At the old village Posted by Picasa

The hike up to the earth cave Posted by Picasa

A resident of an earth cave carved into the mountainside, the only remaining family living here. No running water or electricity, I think they were listening to a radio, though Posted by Picasa

A few inhabitants of an earth cave Posted by Picasa

Surfing on the sand dunes Posted by Picasa

The scenery Posted by Picasa