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Friday, June 27, 2008

Mexico City 2008!


not much happened in Mexico City or at least I didn't take many photos. Mostly just hanging out with Cecilia and her family. I was also sick alot.

so I was giddy when we left for Puerta Vallarta to visit her aunt and the beach

Puerta Vallarta

Cecilia and I

rock-god! balancer of all that is good

Playa los venados (deer beach)

a deserted little beach with no deer and few humans

but with warm waters, hot sand

coconut drinks


and great food from the restaurant open practically just for us

Los Marcos - cuna de la cucaracha

on the west coast near Puerta Vallarta

some sunset shots

this little town had a great beach...the only bad thing that happened was finding a cockroach crawling up my leg at breakfast

Random Mexican road trip photos

truckload of pigs

me interested in the water tanks in mexcio

Cecilia and our Renault Clio

truckload of mangos

Guanajuato 2

concert in the town center

and guanajuato is where the beginnings of the Mexican Independence took place


The coolest city I've been to in Mexico so far...

Spanish colonial style

Castillo de Saint Cecilia

with little side streets...

...and mummies

Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico

Built by the Toltecs

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Backpacking the Enchantments

I am a Master - photos from after-defense party